Animal Books

These are about animals and the children who care for them. Looking after an animal can be hard work if it’s very young, frightened, or bigger and stronger than you are!

cover - FawnFawn

isbn 978 1 407131 05

When Kirsty rescues an ababndoned fawn, she has no idea how she will care for him - or keep him a secret. All Kirsty knows is that he needs her and that without her help, he might not survive.

But the fawn is not the only one who needs Kirsty. And that's not the only secret she's keeping.

A heart-warming animal story unlike andy you've read.

A beautiful story about trust and hope ... I loved it

Gill Lewis, author of the award-winning Sky Hawk


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cover - A home for TeaselA Home for Teasel

Gwen can’t have her own pony, but looking after Mrs Tilney’s pony Teasel is the next best thing. When it’s time to think about Teasel’s future, it’s not up to Gwen to decide what happens. And Teasel has her own ideas...

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cover - Archie's WarArchie's War

Star’s a nuisance, a small, excitable dog that’s always under everyone’s feet. When his owner, Master Ted, marches off to the First World War, what will happen about Star? Archie, the gardener’s boy, strikes up a friendship with Star and together they can handle anything. Just as well, as it turns out.

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cover -Summer LionThe Summer Lion

Drina goes everywhere with her best friend, Jampot. He’s a lion, rescued from a circus where he was ill-treated. When she goes to stay at Twidings village with Granny, he goes too. Drina’s cousins Billy Will-do and Taffeta are delighted to see him. But there’s a newcomer in Twidings, Gerbil Cravat, who doesn’t like anyone. He’s up to something. Why does he buy a castle? What is he building? And how can Drina and her friends stop him?

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cover -Storm Cat!Storm Cat

Coming in April 2016

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