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cover - Women of the BibleWomen of the Bible

isbn 978-0-7459-6278-8

A good woman deserves the respect of everyone. She is strong, hard working and unafraid of whatever comes her way.

Some of the Bible's most remarkable women give their side of the story in this insightful and warm-hearted tribute.

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Brave women who made a difference

Beautifully illustrated by Alida Massari

Stories of the SaintsStories of the Saints

From the first century to the twentieth, from all over the world, these are stories of great lives.

Hammy the Wonder Hamster

Four books about the amazing, intelligent texting hamster and his friend Bethany.

Hammy Hammy Hammy Hammy
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cover - 15 Things not to do with a babyFifteen Things Not To Do With A Baby

Is there a baby in your house? And do you have the instructions?

This helpful guide tells you what not to do with a baby. Don’t send him to play with an elephant. Don’t send him up in a hot air balloon. And never swap him for the school guinea-pig...

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